Modern Marvel

This sleek abode is the embodiment of quintessential Los Angeles luxury living. The visual focus of the residence is driven toward the stunning South-facing views of the urban landscape stretching out toward the horizon – made evident with its sprawling open Floor Plan design, uninhibited use of retractable exterior glass walls, and carefully curated specification of materials intended to blur the separation of interior and exterior spaces.

Architect: McClean Design

Contractor: Tyler Development Construction

Location: Beverly Hills, CA

Hilltop Haven

A modern undertaking of transitional sensibility, this two-story residence is tucked deep into a secluded nook high atop the coveted Los Angeles neighborhood of Pacific Palisades – where 9,000 sq. ft. of living space recedes into the privacy of a quiet hill-side.  The strong emphasis on interior volume is clear in its functional and visual language – expansive windows, sky-lights, soaring ceilings – all complemented with stunning interior details.

Architect: Studio William Hefner

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Sky Sanctuary

From 10-stories up, sensational views of the Pacific coastline and skyline of Downtown Los Angeles are paired with the uncompromising level of service and amenities of the Four Seasons brand. Thoughtful design and rigorous space-planning ensures this luxurious residence takes advantage of all available square feet.  This is a testament to our insistence that high-rise living does not need to compromise on comfort and livability, nor sacrifice functionality.

Location: Beverly Hills, CA

Regal Retreat

This luxurious 15,000 sq. ft. hideaway in the charming suburbs located in the San Gabriel Valley was designed to meet the lifestyle demands and future needs of a young growing family.  The residence embodies the vernacular of classic Spanish California architecture, juxtaposed with a treatment of the interior spaces with a fresh and unique interpretation of what is typically expected of a transitional home. The implementation of design solutions are intent on reflecting the distinct personas and preferences of the home-owners, while ensuring the completed residence will stand the test of time.

Architect: Tim Barber, LTD

Contractor: Chelsea Construction

Location: Arcadia, CA

21st Century Chateau

This grandiose 35,000 sq. ft. French chateau-inspired residence is coming to realization with the esteemed architect Richard Landry. A magnificent property with idyllic views, the team of modern interior designers at AE+A will infuse a touch of modern comfort into the interiors for a jet-setting international family looking for a familiar home away from home.

Architect: Landry Design Group

Contractor: Tyler Development Corporation

Location: Beverly Hills, CA

Estate Expansion

At 2,600 sq. ft., the new Guest House addition to this sprawling Beverly Park hill-top estate will culminate in a fully-realized vision for the home-owner and his extended family.

Architect: Landry Design Group

Location: Beverly Hills, CA