We have this discussion with our friends. They say you can either have a designer who is good with the aesthetics or one who is a good manager. In AE+A, we found both! In our five-year ground up design and construction project, we hired Annette English, a world class designer whose taste was, let’s face it, better than our own. Annette’s organization had the managerial skills and relationships to bring the project in on time and on budget. Her team’s attention to detail, their follow-through, their ability to listen to our needs and incorporate them with grace and style gave us a home that we are inordinately proud to own. Thank you, Annette.

Actor, Producer

In the fourteen years we have known Annette, she has re-designed our house twice. We have learned, during this process, how much the right design can change the way you live. Before, we weren’t much for entertaining at home, but the newest design feels so welcoming to family, friends, and business colleagues that now we entertain regularly. The house invites a kind of togetherness that wasn’t there before. Additionally, Annette and her team never stop; they never miss an opportunity to build beyond your expectations. Some of the design elements that take the house to a whole new level – the magnificent hand-blown Rondel windows and the pocket doors were options she made us aware of. She guides you to decisions you didn’t know you could make, the ones that lift your spirit every time you enter the room. We’re immensely grateful for the thought and care that went into making our home this very special place.

Holmby Hills

In the last seven years, my husband and I have turned repeatedly to Annette English and AE+A for major home remodels. We have always found Annette accessible, and she and her team always come up with innovative and creative solutions while efficiently managing the projects so they work within our schedule. Most importantly, the results for each have been absolutely beautiful.

Judge Anita Dymant

Every time I give the tour, I am newly reminded of what a delight it was to work with AE+A. It is rare to find a boutique firm with both managerial expertise and exquisite taste. With an encyclopedic knowledge of design and a rolodex containing the world’s most sought-after artisans, Annette English brings a whole greater than the sum of its parts. As a listener, Annette is unsurpassed. A ground up construction project can be very stressful, but she was there every step of the way, tirelessly chasing down the details, demanding the highest level of craftsmanship, and yet totally open to innovations. In every sense, AE+A represents best practices.

Pacific Palisades Resident

The design for our home presented a unique challenge. As we worked with Annette and the team at AE+A, we began to conceive of our new home as showcasing our developing passion for contemporary art. While we wanted to showcase our collection, we also wanted the rooms to be comfortable since this was our home. Annette embraced our vision and became our collaborator. In a complicated four-year project, it is invaluable to have someone with exquisite taste to bounce ideas off and to source furniture, textures and fixtures that mirror the extraordinary quality of the artwork. We are so grateful for Annette’s help since in the end, we are proud to say, we felt we designed our dream home.

Seth & Vicki Kogan

Annette is one of the most hard working, creative, detail-oriented, and talented persons that I’ve worked, and a consummate professional. It was an absolute pleasure working with Annette as she made my life so much easier and stress-free during a very busy period in which we had to re-do our new house, inside and out. Annette is a great listener and is so talented in getting into her clients' minds to bring their dreams and visions alive. Her designers and staff were very attentive and easy to work with. Annette worked within our budget and timeline, and the end result far exceeded our expectations. The attention to details and impeccable execution resulted in an elegant, classy, and beautiful space in our home that we will cherish for a long time. We would love to work with Annette again.

Santa Monica Mountains

Over my 30 years in the high-end custom home industry, I’ve worked with many design firms, and in my opinion, Annette English & Associates’ documentation, responsiveness, thoroughness, and foresight to contractor/project needs is in the top 1%. I don’t dole out these accolades lightly. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and your team on the house we just completed, and I look forward to the next project. I’ve not even touched on the artistic aspect of your contribution to the project because it speaks for itself … stunning!

Tyler Development Corporation

I write this note having just walked through the final installation of our Summitridge project, and at the end of the day, I must say: well done! But in addition to delivering a beautiful end product, my real appreciation is for the exceptionally professional efforts provided by yourself and your staff. This was experienced not only on a personal interaction level but also, and perhaps more importantly, through the detailed and thorough work product that came from AE+A throughout the development process. You made our jobs easier and I thank you.

Ed Saborio, Planning Partners Ltd. - Owners Representative

Building a home is a long journey and along the way, there are so many decisions that need to get made. What I loved about working with Annette and her team was how easy they made it. They listen and help you refine the design concept, making sure it dovetails with what makes a home livable. They steer you toward great craftsmen and work seamlessly with your architect, contractor and landscape designers. You are always informed, so there are few surprises. They make sure you know what your choices are and how all the elements will play together. I ended up having fun, and I love the house. It is such a great expression of who I am, and it’s my sanctuary. Very grateful to Annette and everyone involved.

Hollywood Hills Resident